‘May The Fourth Be With You’!…and  ‘May The Sauce Be With You’ too!

 Star Wars Day, May 4th, Celebrating George Lucas’ `Star Wars’ Saga.

May the Fourth be with you’ is the catchphrase of Star Wars Day on May the 4th, the unofficial fan holiday celebrating the Star Wars franchise. It is a pun on a famous line from Star Wars, ‘May the Force be with you’. Our friend and culinary-guru Pete Goffe-Wood has his own take on this. He feels ‘May the Sauce be With You’ makes a lot more sense, and we agree!

Pete is a local celebrity chef who sure knows his chow. Flame of Africa is teaming up with Pete and his series called ‘Recipes For Disaster!’…. He will be bringing recipes to you, based on what you have in your fridge right now!

A legend in culinary skills, Pete is a current judge on Ultimate Braai Master (Season 6), Judge on MasterChef SA, a consultant for Dukkah in Durban and is a purveyor of braai sauces and condiments. He’s enjoyed rewarding stints at some of London’s top restaurants and has worked in Namibia, Bangkok, Hanoi, Sydney and Oman. He’s the author of three cookbooks, ‘A Life Digested, ‘Kitchen Cowboys’ and ‘Blue Restaurant’.

Flame of Africa invites you to join our…‘May The Sauce Be With You’ Day. 

On Monday May the 4th, Pete, Brett Mc Donald (founder of Flame of Africa) and architect Julius van der Merwe will enjoy reminiscing about the journeys taken to create some of the products we know and love today. Who knew about the time that the Zambezi Queen almost sank on her maiden voyage…. or trips through hippo-infested waters at two in the morning with Brett, Pete and Julius? It always takes a little craziness to bring something pretty awesome together. We know the products, so let’s hear about some of the madness that happened behind the scenes.

Why May the 4th? Each of the above mentioned has a connection to this fan day in some way or another, so let’s see how!

In the style of Oprah Winfrey, “That’s not all”. We will also be sharing Pete’s “Recipes for Disaster” to keep you entertained while under lockdown. Simply head to our Facebook page and ‘like’ us @ Flame of Africa to see not only our latest info but Pete’s yummy recipes. Why not try these amazing recipes at home? Feel free to post your tasty creations and tag us #flameofafrica #maythesaucebewithyou #recipesfordisaster.

There’s plenty of excitement coming to an electronic device near you soon….

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