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Fresh out of college, Stacey came to us in 2011 a clean slate, eager to expand her knowledge and it has been a pleasure to see her blossom into a valued and well loved member of our Flame of Africa team.  As her professional life grew her family expanded too and she now has two gorgeous daughters that looks just like her.  Her fun loving nature and “can do” attitude is a delight.  We all rely on her to be the calm during the storm… when our desks are over flowing, she is the one that brings that life saving cup of coffee, not to mention assisting with whatever happens to be top of the list. Ever helpful and open to new challenges, Stacey’s artistic flare has spread into our marketing department, where her insights has delivered a fresh and current perspective.  Stacey loves a good holiday, kicking off her shoes to feel the warm sand between her toes while sipping a cocktail on a tropical island is her idea of heaven.  When not keeping us all together at work, you’ll find her out and about with friends and family, enjoying a very strong cup of coffee herself.

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