Hailing from a era where hats, gloves, perfectly applied makeup and a solid work ethic was the norm, Brenda is the epitome of old school charm.  Her career began with South African Airways where she served almost 20 years before moving with the times onto Galileo, which was the state of the art ticketing system of it’s day. Finally after a brief term in retail travel, she found a new love in African tour operating.  A walking, talking travel encyclopedia she has been with Flame of Africa since 2003.  Her extensive travels and inestimable experience combined with an unwavering sense of duty has made her an invaluable member of our marketing team.  That being said, under the gracious, calm exterior, lies a delightfully wicked sense of humour and a sense of fun which endears her to all.  When not surfing the Internet or coming up with “the next big thing” to rock our Flame of Africa world, you’ll find Brenda attempting to walk her two great danes… aided considerably by her daughter and, on the very odd occasion, by her loving husband!

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