Sheri & Ali Peterson

Dear Cheryl,

We just finished a trip-of-a-lifetime! It truly was a life-changing trip for me in so many ways. Africa has my heart and I wouldn’t hesitate to return if the chance ever came again.

Our three days in Vic Falls and Chobe was the “icing on the cake”. We had a FANTASTIC time! We can’t thank you enough for providing such outstanding service. Your correspondence with me prior to the trip was excellent. You were always prompt in answering my questions and provided my with easy to understand instructions of what you needed from me. It was smooth sailing with Flame of Africa from start to finish. I can’t compliment you enough.

The transfers were very exceptional. We particularly liked Paka, our driving while in Zimbabwe. I would strongly encourage you to use him as much as possible. He always arrived early, was full of knowledge and very kind. He was a safe and courteous driver, which is important to us. When he took us to the Bomo dinner, he walked in and made sure we were settled before he left us. I felt “watched over” in his care. He was willing to work around our schedule and take us wherever we wanted to go. He is truly a good man and a valuable “team member”.

We loved Chobe! It really isn’t something I can describe to others now that I am back home. To be in an area of such vast beauty and to see animals in their natural surroundings was a gift. We were grateful we arrived a bit late for the floating restaraunt, as all the other tourists soon left after we arrived and we had some very lively and connecting conversations with the ladies that work there. We learned a lot about them and shared much laughter. We even offered to help with the dishes, but of course were turned down. They are delightful and the meal was hearty.

Imagine our surprise when we then boarded our river cruise and are sharing the boat with people that live 15 minutes from our home in Utah! What are the chances? We didn’t know them, but knew OF them and had a great time together. It was exciting to see the many animals in and around the water–and the sunset–stunning. We relaxed, laughed and took in the sights.

We LOVED the Mowana lodge. It felt luxurious and pampering. The staff was very attentive and we had fun each meal mixing with the eclectic groups of people staying there. It lent itself to share pictures with each other of what we had seen that day. And the early morning safari drive was an adventure. We saw so many kinds of animals and birds. We had a man from the Netherlands with us that was an encyclopedia of knowledge–he taught us so much. It was a perfect morning.

Victoria Falls were magnificent. Truly. I stood in awe at their power and beauty. Niagara Falls here in the States are stunning, but pale in comparison to Victoria Falls. I told Ali that the Falls were worth coming to Africa for.

The boma dinner was just pure fun. Lots of laughter, complete with a certificate for my eating a Mopani worm. The witch doctor told me I will be rich in 3 years, so I am counting on that. Ali got up and danced and we amused ourselves playing the drums. We tried small amounts of about everything on the menu and were very pleased with the overall experience. Again, Paka was there waiting for us and waited for us to make sure we got into our hotel ok upon our return.

I would not hesitate to recommend your company to others. You left no stone unturned and the efficiency and timeliness of your itinerary execution was a standard for others to follow.

Thank you for giving us such a positive and lasting impression of that beautiful part of the world. We feel honored and fortunate for having been able to experience it.

You have our gratitude,
Sheri & Ali Peterson
Utah, USA

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