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Full Day Tiger Fishing

Those among us who are really into fishing will have all their desires satisfied on this splendid day-long outing. You’ll want to start a ‘fight’ with the famous Tigerfish with its huge teeth and natural reaction to jump out of the water once hooked. And, with a beer to two to hand you can get your life back into perspective as you commune with this world, your God and yourself. It’s all pure magic!

Full Day
Cresta Mowana Jetty, Kasane

Tiger Fishing

Any freshwater angler in central Africa will tell you of the joy of hooking the aggressive tigerfish. This famous species is endemic to Africa and flourishes in the warm waters of the Chobe and Zambezi rivers. Or, you could opt for landing tilapia (bream), which many people enjoy eating because it doesn’t taste very fishy and is delicious fried or grilled. 

3 Hours
Cresta Mowana Jetty, Kasane