Why not ignite the inner explorer in you and try one of our Cultural Village Tours. Take a trip to Impalila island in Namibia and visit a traditional Village. Step back In time almost 100 years as you explorer this village. Why not try and grind some maize in the same way it was done 100 years ago. Imagine the everyday life in the village. Ask questions of traditions, medicines and local foods.

Homemade curios is one of the main breadwinners in this village. Please stop by and grab some souvenirs to take back home with you. A highlight is a group photo beneath the magical Baobab Tree. It’s said that the tree has stood there watching over its inhabitants for over 1000 years.

Try your hand a bit of Farming if you wish. Ask the local fisherman about history and tales of their fishing over the years. No bout there will be many close calls with the local Kubu’s (hippopotamus) or river cows as they used to be called.

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Cultural Village Tour

Put your watch back several hundred years when you arrive at the uniquely-positioned Impalila Island that straddles the confluence of four countries…Botswana, Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Time has completely stood still here where the Masubia tribe has lived as it has since time immemorial. Come and see their day-to-day life, virtually as it always was. 

2 Hours
Cresta Mowana Jetty, Kasane