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Chobe Boat Cruise

This is an extremely cost-effective way of enjoying what the Chobe River has to offer. It’s an ideal chance to become acquainted with the immense beauty of the Chobe flood plains (that are more like a lake when the annual floods come in April/May.) The game-viewing is exemplary, as is bird watching. You’ll cruise passed Sududu Island, source of a territorial dispute between Botswana and Namibia. The matter was resolved in 1999 by a ruling (in Botswana’s favour) of the International Court of Justice. Just five square kilometres in extent, the island is game-rich in the seasons when the area is not completely submerged by usual annual floods. The Chobe National Park on the Botswana shore is a wild animal Eden without peer. There’s always animals or birds to be observed. 

3 Hours
Cresta Mowana Jetty, Kasane

Chobe Day Trip

You’re the kind of person who wants to experience everything the Chobe river and national park region can offer. An all-morning game drive in a 4X4 vehicle promises to expose you to a wide range of wild animals and birds. And in the afternoon you can cruise through the gorgeous Chobe flood plains, probably seeing giant herds of elephant or buffalo. With a very unusual lunch on a floating restaurant in between…it’s all too thrilling for words. It’s for the more discerning traveller!

Full Day

Luxury 3hr Cruise

A 3-hour-long up-close-and-personal experience of the vast Chobe flood plains, while gliding slowly along the beautiful Chobe River in full VIP comfort. Enjoy a gin and tonic or a cold beer as you take in the wide expansive of one of Africa’s premier wild animal and bird Edens. This is as good as it gets, folks!

3 Hours
Cresta Mowana Jetty, Kasane
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The Chobe Explorer Day Trip

This is a custom-made vessel built on the Chobe River. This delightful boat affords one a chance to really sit back in comfort with a drink of your choice to hand…as the boat glides through the stark and verdant landscape that comprises the national park and flood plains. Your host will later invite you to participate in a very tasty lunch on the restaurant deck, which is open on three sides for continued animal sightings. There’s always a hippo honking or a croc lurking nearby. The siesta deck is mainly an after-lunch spot to completely relax as the wild, wild world of Chobe comes to you. Sunsets are sublime, as you’ll indeed experience on the gentle cruise back to the jetty. Do enjoy this unforgettable day out in wild Africa!

8 Hours
Cresta Mowana Jetty, Kasane